At heart, I am a problem-solver. As a kid, I loved to solve puzzles (hence why this website's theme is puzzles), whether it be a sudoku puzzle, a rubix cube, or a counting problem. That's partially why I love building software. I believe in its ability to develop the creative solutions for complex issues our society faces.

I recently interned as a software developer at Geotab working on their fleet management solutions and data pipelines. I also have experience in website development, data analytics, machine learning, and cloud computing.

These days, I spend my time learning about infastructure, building data intensive applications, and financial markets. In my free time, I help teach elementary and high school students how to code as the Head of Tech at PuMP. I am leading the engineering process of redesigning their website from scratch.

Fun fact: I was so fascinated by flat character designs when I was picking up code that I taught myself Illustrator! That's where a lot of the designs on this website are from. Time to learn photoshop now.

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