Visualizing COVID-19

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The Process

This project was created during my time at the Coronavirus Visualization Team, and I was assigned on the team to analyze the impact COVID-19 had on the aviation industry, in hopes that it could help make better financial decisions.

It was actually an interesting experience because I was one of the more experienced programmers on my team, as most of my teammates were science majors and wanted to get into research. However, working with them taught me a lot about how researchers and policy makers tackle similar problems from an analytical point of view. They taught me how to find valuable sources, how to collect this data, and how to come up with research questions.

Throughout this experience I was able to create a lot of graphs using mostly Seaborn, but there were someTableau dashboards, and it taught me a lot about how to analyze and how interesting data can be. You can constantly continue analyzing data and find meaningful trends that can help shape business decisions.

CVT charts
Example dashboard