Building Tetris

The Process

I am not much of a gamer, but when I did play games you could often catch me playing Tetris. One of the biggest aspects of this game that I disliked was that most of the UI interfaces for Tetris were poorly designed, and so I thought I could recreate a version of Tetris that focused on improving this aspect. I had just come out of using Bootstrap, and disliked using it at times due to the lack of customization and its bulkiness, and so for the styling I used Bulma, as it was seen as a lightweight alternative.
Tetris showcase
Playing tetris

It was one of my first projects in JavaScript, and I think it taught me a lot about why frontend frameworks exist to make creating frontend components more easily. It reduces the need for innerHTML or createElement and makes the focus more modularity.

Side note: The scary fast level is actually really difficult / probably impossible and it was fun getting my parents to try playing Tetris on that level.